I believe in the Power of the Voice of Women (Malala)

 With this podcast I would like to inspire, to uplift, to support, to empower and to embrace all women all over the world, women of all nationalities, ethnicities, ages and cultures. In the different episodes I talk to many different women about gender (in)equality in different areas and topics and the impact this may or may not have on women. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to me. I would love to hear your story.

Welcome to the Women's Table Podcast

Women still experience pressure from society to have children. Is it  because women should have this natural urge to want to have children? Parents who think or feel that you ‘owe’ them grandchildren. 
In this episode I am talking with Shana O’Brien about motherhood: to have or not to have children, that’s the question. We will discuss the biases and prejudices society has when as a woman you decide not to have children. Shana is an independent consultant for non-profit organizations, was born and raised in the United States and has lived in The Netherlands for six years now. Shana does not have any children nor plans on having them. 
Please feel free to join us in another episode of The Women’s Table Podcast!

Women just don’t have the technical skills to do a good job in a tech position, there might be a few girls who pursuit a job in tech but most women don’t,  girls and women just ‘suck’ at math and science so why would they want a job in tech? Are these legitimate questions or just bias assumptions? Stella Tsoutsouri, Mobile Developer who now studies for a Masters in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Groningen, shares with us her personal opinion about why she thinks there are so few women in tech positions. Please feel free to join us in another episode of The Women’s Table Podcast!
Women pull each other down like crabs do in a basket. So if a woman wants to get out, she is being pulled down. In this episode I’m having a conversation with Selena Dolderer, Psychological Coach and Lecturer at the university of Groningen, and Ilinka Bijma, Lecturer at the University of Groningen, Psychological Coach and Trainer of Young Professionals, about ‘Women and the so called crabs in a basket effect. Woman cannot work together, in fact, women work against each other, truth of myth? Join us in another interesting and inspiring episode of The Women’s Table Podcast!  

In this episode of The Women’s Table “Women and gender expectations on the work floor,” I have a conversation with Dr. Verena Seibel. Dr. Seibel is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Groningen. We talk about gender expectations towards women in the workplace and the role of men in this. Please join us in this interesting and inspiring conversation. Feel free to reach out to me and share your feedback with me. I look forward to hear from you. 

In deze podcast zit ik aan tafel met Yaël en Veerle en praten we over vrouwen en hun uiterlijk en de druk die vrouwen vanuit de maatschappij ervaren om er goed uit te moeten zien. En hoe zit het nu met de #metoo affaire? Zijn dit wel twee verschillende onderwerpen of is er een link tussen hoe vrouwen eruit zien en seksuele intimidatie? Je hoor het allemaal in deze nieuwe aflevering van The Women’s Table! 

Volgens sommige ‘geloven’, religiën, kerken en de bijbel is de rol en/of de positie van de vrouw ondergeschikt aan die van de man. Binnen deze verschillende stromingen zijn er ook vrouwen die deze mening zijn toegedaan. Mijn naam is Tina de Keyzer-van Bruggen en in deze eerste aflevering van The Women’s table praat ik met Oesha en Erica over de impact die het geloof/religie heeft op vrouwen.